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"WIRE" Album LP

"WIRE" Album LP

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Released January 22, 2021

Thank you:
Mélanie, Thierry FE, Janno, Flo Lafosse, Robby, Ben Hennaut, Thomas Dubois, Nico Grisot, Marianne et Anthony, Venise, Vivien, Mathilde Roy, Molly Gruey, Chris Shortt, Corinne et Jean Marc, Alec, Monique, Yumy, TOTO, le Moulin de Brainans, la Rodia, Le Moloco, l’Antonnoir, Le Bastion, Bermuda studio, Sam Munnier, Thibault Chaumont, Link prod, Elodie et agence singularités, Audiotrauma, Jonathan Naas,
Ludovic Cocogne, Corinne et Jean Hennaut, France Cocogne, Benoît Maillard Salin, Eloïse, Bilou, Berenika Baginska, Lilia Spitzack, la Bête

All tracks written by HORSKH

Horskh is :
Bastien : programming, keyboards, vocal, guitar
Briou : Live drum
Jordan: Guitar and keyboards
Mixed by Sam Munnier ( and Bastien Hennaut.
Masterised by Deviant Lab Studio

Cover and Layout by Yoan Amnesy
Front photo model: Anthony Maraux
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