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"GATE" Album LP

"GATE" Album LP

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Thanks to :
Syco Trauma, Chris Shortt and Audiotrauma, Sam Munnier, Michal, Yoann Amnesy, Floriane et Impure muzik, Thierry Fe, Jean, Thomas Dubois, le Cri du corbeau, la Rodia, Iceberg, Tico, Bombled, Le Bastion, Jeanpht (appolo 77), Le Moloco, Nivo Zero, Nico 2methyl, Seb Reznick et Romain Monnereau, Eric Bichon, JS, Hervé, Alec, Vivien, Corinne H et Jean H, Ben et Jennifer, Chaïji, Henry, Toto, Morgane, Maëlle, Coxinha, Caverna, Salsicha, Batidão,

Released April 10, 2017

All tracks written by HORSKH

Horskh is :
Bastien : programming, keyboards, vocal, guitar
Briou : Live drum
Jordan: Guitar and keyboards
Mixed by Sam Munnier ( and Bastien Hennaut in January 2017
Mastering by Sam Munnier

Artwork by Yoann Amnesy and Naissa B.
Layout by Michal Novák
Pictures by Apollo 77
Logo by Small studio
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